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About Solar

It is easy to visualize the power from the sun; everyone has been sunburned at least once. But how does the power of the sun turn on electric lights?

This potentially unlimited power source is made possible by the photovoltaic cell. You have certainly seen them. They are everywhere. If you own a calculator or any kind of battery free small appliance, chances are your device has at least one photovoltaic cell on its exterior surface. They appear as a shiny blue window.

Solar Photovoltaics systems, or PV for short, capture the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells. The cells convert the sunlight into usable electricity, via an inverter.

Panels can be mounted on the roof, above the tiles (roof mounted), in lieu of tiles (in-roof solution), on a frame suitable for a flat roof or a ground mounted frame.


Our History

The company was formed by the two director owners Dallas Read and Adrian Payne in May 2008 and was originally an Electrical Contracting Business, called Bright Spark Electrical (UK) Ltd.

In 2010 they saw the exciting growth in the renewable energy market and decided to concentrate their attentions on Solar PV. This has allowed the company to grow its workforce and operate from its current base of operations in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

Even with the turbulent history of cut government Feed-in-Tariffs and policy changes, the hundreds of completed commercial and residential installations are testament to SureSpark's unwavering delivery of excellent engineering solar solutions

We have built our business by establishing long term relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. These relationships allow us to work closely in providing first class supply and customer service, whilst keeping supply costs as low as possible.


Why SureSpark Energy?

SureSpark Energy .......... a safe investment.

We offer the best quality products and components so that you get the most effective PV system on the market, which is suitable for you. For your peace of mind, SureSpark Energy is a member of all the major renewable industry professional associations including RECC, MCS, NICEIC

We offer a clear and transparent pricing policy, inclusive of all installation works, with no hidden fees, charges or 'Extras'.

SureSpark Energy is responsible for every stage of your installation, from the survey and design stage through to installation, commissioning and handover.

SureSpark help with your application to your energy supplier for your feed-in-tariff and resolve any difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we get asked most often, if you have questions that are not covered here, please use the form at the bottom of the page, and we will get in touch with you directly.

Will my solar panels work in Winter or on a cloudy day?

Many people worry about the winter and the fact that there is a limited amount of sunlight available.

The panel's work by converting daylight to electrical energy and therefore even on a cold or cloudy day, they will still be able to generate electricity, although it will be at a reduced rate.

Panels are actually a little more efficient when it’s cooler outside.

Why choose renewable sources now?

Renewable energy is now a reality due to improvements in technology, the maturing of a market and substantial government backing to support investment from small to large scale applications.

Our local/global renewable industry and infrastructure needs massive growth to cope with future demand.

Why invest now?

The government scheme is offered for a limited period for various technologies in order to boost the industry.

The rates for the feed-in tariff will start high for the lucky few who install them sooner rather than later. Investing now also offers a buffer for future energy price rises.

When the next spending review reduces the Feed-In Tariff, will my export and FIT payments be reduced if I install now?

No, people who have their systems installed today will be guaranteed these payments for 20 years.

One of the reasons you are being guaranteed the Feed-In Tariff for solar photovoltaic panels, and indeed all the other renewable technologies, is to help the renewable energy industry to grow.

With all the government cutbacks, how do I know my Feed in Tariff payments are secure?

The payments are not paid by the Government, rather they are paid by your existing electricity supplier, but will be overseen by the regulator Ofgem.

They are compelled to do this under their supply licence agreement issued by the government.

How do I get my money from the Feed in Tariffs?

You will receive quarterly payments from your energy supplier.

These may be in the form of direct payments to bank or cheques, depending on the supplier involved.

What happens if my supplier does not offer Feed in Tariff payments?

Only the main energy suppliers are required to offer Feed in Tariffs to their customers, although all suppliers can voluntarily join the scheme.

If you find that your particular supplier does not offer the payments, then you can just claim your FiT and export from one of the other suppliers.

What maintenance is required on the system?

The installation has no moving parts and is therefore inherently low maintenance.

The panels should need little attention as rain will generally clean them sufficiently.

The only item that is likely to require attention will be the inverter units.

This has a shorter manufacturers guarantee than the panels and will likely require some sort of repair or replacement during the full 25 year plus lifespan of the system.

Why are some of your competitors making claims of making over thousands of extra profit from installing their Solar PV System?

There are a number of companies out there making lavish claims of huge profit margins.

They use massive inflation and energy price hikes to manipulate the figures to show these profits.

Solar PV is not a ‘cash cow’; it is a serious investment with sound returns. At Surespark, we use data from the energy saving trust and use realistic figures and interest rates that air on the side of caution.

We want you receive better returns than we have estimated, not less.

Do I need planning permission to install Solar?

In England and Scotland, changes to permitted development rights for renewable technologies introduced on 6th April 2008 and 12th March 2009 respectively, have lifted the requirements for planning permission for most domestic microgeneration technologies.

The General Permitted Development Order (GPDO), or the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Domestic Microgeneration) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2009 grants rights to carry out certain limited forms of development on the home, without the need to apply for planning permission.

If your home is a listed building or in a conservation area, then planning permission may be required, please contact your local planning office for advice.

My question is not covered here, how can I ask a new question?

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